Hello, I'm David Nikel, a British writer living in Norway.

I run the Life in Norway blog and curate the Norway Weekly newsletter. I write about travel, tech startups & business across Scandinavia for a wide range of media and organisations.

Through my company Words of Norway, I help Norwegian companies do business with the world, through native English services, workshops and training sessions.

I'm available for hire as a consultant, trainer or speaker.

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Think Global First

Originally published by Technoport in September 2014. – On my journey around the coworking spaces, Startup Weekends and other events that make up the Norwegian entrepreneurial scene, I continue to be astounded by the talented people I meet. People with great ideas and the drive to deliver on Continue Reading

Norway’s Slow TV Phenomenon


Originally published on Life in Norway in April 2014 -- Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed with modern life? A lot of people dash around crowded cites in cars, suffer road rage, spend 8 hours stressing in a cubicle, constantly check email and social media, and throw caffeine and sugar down Continue Reading